Christmas is a time of giving, and giving gifts means wrapping paper.

Our festive gift to clients and contacts aimed to be both beautiful and useful: a unique piece that displayed our creative skills, and which had a practical use for the recipient.



The Brief

Christmas is an occasion when sending a thoughtful, witty or useful gift is welcomed. More importantly, it’s not considered spam.

We aimed to:
1. Showcase the studio’s creativity and design skills
2. Be the best gift the recipients received that Christmas
3. Be useful, not just something to sit on a desk and be thrown out in January.

Christmas wrapping paper close up


Design Challenge

Christmas clichés are all too easy. Our challenge was to use some traditional Christmas icons, with a modern new twist. So even though some of the elements are classic festive icons (Santa hat, fairy lights), they’re presented in a surprising and fresh way.

Although this wrapping paper was primarily designed to be used at Christmas, we didn’t want it to have a lifespan of just a few weeks. Printing the reverse with a colourful yet non-Christmas pattern ensured it could be used for any occasion.