King Island Dairy knows all about cheese

We worked with F4ward to design an ebook for King Island Dairy – How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party and Prepare the Perfect Cheese Plate. Featuring 42 pages of mouth-watering images, useful tips, creative dinner party ideas, and, of course, cheese, this was a project close to our food-loving hearts.

King Island Dairy Ipad

Icon design

We created a number of icons inspired by dinner party elements and incorporated them throughout the book, whether as title page headings, or tiny page numbers. These design elements give the book a modern feel, even when used in combination with more formal photography.

King Island Dairy ebook - Page 5

King Island Dairy ebook - Page 27


Readability and legibility

With this kind of copy-heavy project, layout of text is critical. Chosen typefaces need to be readable (easy to read large amounts of text) AND legible (easy to distinguish one letter from another). In this book, we were particularly concerned with headings and quotes. Just as important are text sizes and light/dark contrast, especially when the book will be read online.

Page layout

A number of page layout styles provide interest to the reader – why make all the pages look the same? It’s also a sign of a book designed for the end user — one that allows the reader to dip in to different sections, rather than feeling they need to read the book from the front-to-back.

King Island Dairy ebook - Page 10
King Island Dairy ebook - Page 37
King Island Dairy ebook - Page 24
We had a ball designing this book, and boy, did we crave a well-chosen cheese plate at the end of it!

You can read the ebook here: