Jam Factory Melbourne tasked us with a rather large assignment: the centre’s main foyer contained five large empty panels in the atrium area, which are a focal point for visitors entering from the rear of the centre. Based on the insight that many people meet at Jam Factory before going shopping in the nearby Chapel Street precinct, they wanted to add some art to the walls.

Jam Factory foyer - before the art was installed


We worked alongside Jessie Tucker, one of Melbourne’s well-known artists, to product the initial concepts, including a mystical landscape with a dreamlike storyline, an eighties inspired pinboard, and the chosen concept: dynamically patterned human figures.

Once the design direction had been approved, we tweaked the original figures to reflect the ‘Eat/See/Shop’ touch points central to Jam Factory’s core messaging, and incorporated typical activities into the patterns. A colour palette was created to match the well-known ceiling star above the foyer.

Jam Factory foyer - after the panels were installed


Installation & Outcome

After a 2am date with the installation team allowed us to see the project go live, we’re thrilled with the response the new murals have been receiving from shoppers and movie goers.

Take a look at the original illustrations: