How well do your know your online users?

That was the question asked by SeamlessCMS in their report ‘Delivering a  Customer Centric website – What every council needs to know’.

Research and Planning

Working with SeamlessCMS’s Brand and Communications team, we started by sketching out the graphs and diagrams, reviewing data against the previous year’s Top Tasks’ report. We worked through different ways to present the research, ensuring that all the information was presented clearly, and that we kept the original data intact and relevant.


With such a text-centric publication, it’s important to breathe life into the pages via colour, layout, illustration and typography. We developed a colour key throughout the pages to define each sector, and used icons to highlight key pieces of information. Identifying pages with space for illustrations and photography resulted in a more interesting reading experience for the end user.

Media Infographic

To complete the picture, we created an infographic to be shared across various media.

Download the report from SeamlessCMS

Top Tasks report cover

80% of traffic goes to only 286 pages


See large version of the infographic

Infographic containing much of the information from the Top Tasks report