Whisky goes into space

For their limited edition release of Ardbeg whisky, Moët Hennessy engaged Brand by Name to design an invitation to very special event: the launch of their Galileo whisky (nicknamed ‘Space Whisky’ because some pure spirit had been sent up to the International Space Station to investigate the effects of zero-gravity on flavour development…)

It’s whisky Jim, but not as we know it

Putting on both our Designer and Copywriters’ hats, we worked with our client to create a witty printed piece with a vintage space travel theme. Elements of outer-space, stars and even the Ardbeg mascot — Shorty the dog — were incorporated. As for the amber liquid, well, let’s just say it’s a sublime drop.

Galileo Invitation

Galileo Whisky Invitation

Galileo Invitation and Packaging