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My New Year gift to you, fellow travellers 🎉🎁🤖, I hope you’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to sprint, jog or tiptoe very slowly into the new year.

An Aussie icon turns 100 🎂 Free download: How to be creative with Brand Guidelines. Plus: What typographic star sign are you? 🔮 Anyone for new tennis branding? 🎾

Hello hay fever month everyone! If you’ve been reading this newsletter over the years, you know we love the beginnings of a new season. We hope you’re all ready for longer days and warmer weather. 🌳🌿🌸

✏️ Latest news in design and tech: Paris 2024 Olympic Games branding🥇 Microsoft Excel brands a café 📀  Bookmark this excellent resource for Google Analytics 🔖  Award-winning book covers 📕

Pop the champagne! Let off the fireworks! To celebrate the end of the (financial) year, here’s 12 links to celebrate the last 12 pay cycles. 

💥 Latest work for Salon After D’Arc & Agrikit 💥 Free backgrounds from Movie & Television shows. 🍫  Plus: Design news from Switzerland, and a cringe-y scene from HBA’s Succession 📺

Happy New Year! Every January, the the day appears and we’re not entirely ready for it. Hope you’re feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and ready. In no specific order, 23 links to kickstart 2023…

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