‘Flower Power’ – A case study in email marketing

WAFEX is a leading export flower company with over 200 suppliers covering both the east and west coasts of Australia. They utilise email marketing to reach out to customers and suppliers.

Using an email newsletter template created by Brand by Name, Wafex distributes a monthly news update to subscribers, featuring company news announcements, seasonal flower updates and staff profiles.

What can email marketing tell you?

Once an email is sent, real-time information about readership is instantly available:

– Detailed percentage reports of ‘Open’ and ‘Click’ rates
– A ‘Click’ map showing the most popular links from each newsletter
– Comparison figures to previous newsletters
– Comparison figures to industry averages
– Where readers are geographically located
– Google Analytics link tracking from your company’s website

The WAFEX monthly newsletter helps keep the brand top of mind with their clients and suppliers. The measurement metrics ensure that WAFEX can monitor most popular newsletter articles and adjust future content accordingly.

Take a look at a WAFEX newsletter.

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WAFEX email newsletter template

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