Moët Hennessy

— Event Branding

For their limited edition release of Ardbeg whisky, Moët Hennessy engaged Brand by Name to design an invitation to very special event: the launch of their Galileo whisky.

The whisky was nicknamed ‘Space Whisky’ because some of the spirit was sent up to the International Space Station to investigate the effects of zero-gravity on flavour development.

Ardbeg Galileo Limited Edition Whisky Invitation

Moët Hennessy


– Event Branding
– Print Design

It’s whisky Jim, but not as we know it

Putting on both our Designer and Copywriters’ hats, we worked with our client to create a witty printed piece with a vintage space travel theme. Elements of outer-space, stars and even the Ardbeg mascot — Shorty the dog — were incorporated.

As for the amber liquid, well, let’s just say it’s a sublime drop.

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