Project Overview

silver75Every year we design a creative gift to say ‘thank you’ to clients, partners and friends, instead of a traditional Christmas card. The gift is designed to engage, inspire and showcase the creative ability of Brand by Name, in ways that sometimes can’t be done due to client project restrictions.

We aim to create something both beautiful and useful: a unique piece that displays our creative skills, and which has a practical use for the recipient.

Many of our clients have multiple contact points, so we aimed to include a little touch of individuality into each package with personalised cards.



Our Process

For this year’s gift, we created a series of coasters featuring cocktail recipes from our favourite mixologists around the world. We designed a typographic ‘logo-like’ treatment for each of the recipe titles, combined with patterns inspired by memories of lazy summers relaxing on tartan picnic rugs.

The finished product is a delicate set of letterpress coasters, packed together with a personalised card (each recipient received their first initial) and finished with a bespoke mailing label. Even the postage stamps were chosen with care (all featuring vintage advertisements).

Designing a letter for each of our clients’ first initials proved more difficult than originally anticipated – although some existed from a previous project, there were still over a dozen to create.






The coasters were featured on the prestigious design blog in their highly selective FPO (For Print Only) section. See more at:

They also won a Silver Award in the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards. See more here: