Happy Birthday to Vegemite – an Australian Icon turns 100!

We asked 27 regular Aussies to name iconic Australian retail brands. 

In the top 10 were Qantas, Telstra, Arnott’s, Billabong, Holden, Speedo, Penfolds, Akubra, Ugg, and Bonds.

A brand that no-one mentioned? Vegemite.

For a product that’s existed since 1923, we found that astonishing. We’re confident most Australians could pick a Vegemite jar out of a line-up (a.k.a. the supermarket shelf).

Let’s test that theory. 🤔


We asked people to:
—  Tell us about the colours on a jar of Vegemite
—  Describe the lettering
—  Finally, we asked them to draw the logo from memory 

4 pencil sketches of the Vegemite logo


—  Without fail, 100% remembered the colours Yellow and Red
—  70% remembered Black
—  100% sketched the text as uppercase letters
—  60% remembered the diamond shape behind the text 

If you judge a brand on how well a ‘person-on-the-street’ can recall individual elements, then you’ve got one hell of an iconic brand right there.

Let’s raise a slice of toast to the spread that could, and should, be regarded as one of the great Aussie brands (whether you like the taste or not).

Happy 100th birthday to Vegemite! 

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