If you’re sick of all-male speaker panels, try changing the status quo by asking different questions.

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As a conference speaker, Christina Wodtke often found herself the only woman on stage.

She was tired of hearing excuses from organisers, so she created Women Talk Design – an online directory of women speakers in design.

On the website you’ll find over 200 women and gender non-binary speakers, together with their talks. You can filter by topics of expertise, discipline, industry, location, years of experience, employer and event.

There’s a wide range of articles on speaking, topics, finding diverse speakers, why people say no to speaking, writing a conference proposal, how to calculate fees, preparing for and delivering a great talk.

Have you been asked to speak at an event? Try asking these questions:

1. Will there be a clear, public, and enforced code of conduct or something similar at the event? How is your team trained and prepared to respond to a violation?

2. What is your event doing to ensure the speaker lineup will be diverse?

3. How do you pay your speakers?

Check it out. The all-male speaker panel era is over.

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