Ever wondered which logos don’t make the cut? A peek inside the logo graveyard…

Typically when we undertake a brand identity project, we start with a multitude of sketches and narrow them down to two or three solutions we feel best answer the brief. After a presentation to our client, we usually agree on one idea to develop further.

But what happens to the ideas that don’t make it through pre-selection?

The answer is… nothing really. They take a back seat and soon become a distant memory in our design archives. So we thought we would show you a few of these from a recent identity project we completed for Yarra Trams – ‘Women on Board’ brand identity.

Concept 1 – ‘Community’

This concept used the shape of the W with silhouettes to convey Yarra Trams’ inclusive, welcoming environment.  There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with this concept that contributed to its rejection— the client just liked the winning idea better.

Women on Board logo concept - 'Community' - sketches
Initial sketches resolving how the ‘W’ shape transforms into 3 women together
Women on Board logo concept - 'Community' - animation
Animation showing the steps in creating a logo:
1. Initial sketch
2. Vector line work
3. Filling in the shapes
4. Final logo

Women on Board logo concept - 'Community' - postcard1

Women on Board logo concept - 'Community' - postcard2
Series of postcards showing the logo in use

Concept 2 – ‘Heads’

This concept was the ‘riskier’ or more ‘out-there’ idea, and was never a real contender. The design applications of the identity were exciting – our client loved the badges, and how different heads could be used on print collateral. But the illustrations of only women’s heads within the mark might be seen to be promoting exclusivity, and this concept was duly canned.

Women on Board logo concept - 'Heads' - logo


Women on Board logo concept - 'Heads' - invitation1

Women on Board logo concept - 'Heads' - invitation2

So which concept won the race? You can see the winner here.

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