Question—How long does it take to write a page of content for a website?

Answer. Longer than you think!

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As a general rule of thumb, we tell people it takes 8-10 hours, per page of content.

If that sounds like a very long time, read on.

Here’s the Maths.

✅  2 hours to collate what already exists, review out-of-date/missing/in need of information

✅  2 hours to write the first draft (unless you’re a bonafide super-speedy copywriter)

✅  Show up with the first draft to a 1-hour meeting with your boss

✅  Your boss spends an hour correcting it, requests extra detail, suggests alterations

✅  One hour for your rewrite. We’re up to 7 hours

You can guess the rest – it’ll be reviewed by others in your organisation, run past the Marketing, Legal and HR teams. Spell checked every time someone changes it.

Et voila!

2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + Marketing/Legal/HR/rewrites will easily crack the 8-hour mark. That’s for a typical single, 1,500-3,000-word blog page.

Factor that into your next website project.

Alternatively, hire a copywriter, with the know-how and experience to convey your brand’s tone-of-voice without resorting to extensive reliance on a thesaurus.

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