Salon After D’Arc

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Salon After D’Arc is an initiative from State Library Victoria. It aims to create an exclusive event series to attract an under 40’s group of culture lovers from the creative, professional, education and public sectors.

Long-term, the aim is to attract life-long ambassadors and future supporters of the Library. 


State Library Victoria


– Branding
– Print design
– Signage


The event series required an over-arching brand identity that would be carried through to individual events.

The logo needed to be sophisticated and modern, appeal to the target market and be suitable for event collateral e.g. invitations, newsletters, signage and website.

It was important that the identity and imagery could easily appear alongside the Library’s corporate brand and associated partner brands. 


Drawing inspiration from the sweeping forms of the Art-Nouveau movement, the identity combines geometric and organic forms evoking a sense of change. The typography plays on the interchange between day and night, a transformation from public space to exclusive venue. Alternative juxtapositions of the typography allow the logo to be flexible; changing its outer shape keeps its core qualities.

Continuing this theme of ‘transformation’, three elements are combined into a hero image: watercolour painting, metamorphosis and the subconscious mind. What the viewer sees depends on the individual, creating a sense of intrigue.

Just as a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, the Salon After D’Arc evening events display a sophisticated, cool and edgy side to the Library.

Salon After D’Arc Identity in white over a vibrant purple, blue and black painted background

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