Sydney Film Festival released a new identity for their 66th outing

Sydney Film Festival business cards
Sydney Film Festival - close up of business card

Initially it might appear there isn’t much to the rebrand, especially the logo, apart from a quirk-filled sans-serif typeface (check out those lowercase letters!).

But stay tuned – it’s in the application where things really get going.

A myriad of secondary logos reference old film and television – if you’re old enough, you might recall them from VHS/Betamax tapes. It’s unclear how many of these will actually see the light of day, but they none-the-less work brilliantly to create an entire film-related universe.

Sydney Film Festival - selection of sub brands

Things we love:

– The colour palette. Stunning.
– The copy writing. We particularly adore the transport posters. That negative space!
– The typeface (Agrandir, or something like it). Bold enough to easily use across everything from brochures to billboards. With enough individuality to create a real sense of fun.

Sydney Film Festival - poster

We go to the cinema to be entertained, to be informed, and to see things we miss in our daily lives. It’s common sense that a film festival’s identity reflects the magnificent diversity of the genre.  Well done, Sydney Film festival!

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