Coming soon to the airport dutyfree near you : Toblerone has re-branded

A range of different Toblerone packs

Don’t panic – their signature mountain/hidden bear hasn’t disappeared.

Things we love:

– a rejuvenated and quirky wordmark, inspired by the original Toblerone lettering (drooling over the gorgeous ‘O’ and ‘R’).
– a piece of the iconic triangular chocolate front and centre (neatly showcasing the ingredients…yumm).
– the wordmark split across panels.
– a streamlined mountain illustration that still features the not-so-secret bear.
– the colour palette, especially the red and purple colour combo!
– the Tobler script is particularly lovely – cleverly echoing the founder Theodor Tobler’s signature.

Before and after Toblerone logomark
Toblerone packaging - before the redesign
Toblerone packaging - after the redesign
Tobler script

This is a brilliant example of a well-known retail brand both modernising its brand and packaging, whilst referencing its heritage and company history. Kudos to UK-based agency Bulletproof.

The new brand is being rolled out globally in the coming months (it’s already in our local supermarkets).

Images courtesy of Bulletproof.

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