Coming soon to a bottle shop near you: new packaging for Chandon

New range of Chandon sparkling wines

What’s changed?

In Australia, the Domaine Chandon vineyard is located 60kms north-west of Melbourne. It’s a gorgeous winery in the Yarra Valley – featuring a tasting room with stunning views over fields of sprawling vines. Those fields are brought to life on the foil neck of the bottle, a gorgeous textural pattern that spells out the brand phrase ‘Un Monde de Possibilities’. (Edit: apparently, it’s actually a ‘guilloche’ pattern, often found in passports).

The 5-pointed star hasn’t disappeared; just lost its trailing tail, and became 7-pointed. As the brand has six global wineries (Argentina, Brazil, California, Australia, China, India), we wondered why it wasn’t 6-pointed. According to the press release, the last point on the star makes up the seven continents.

Chandon wines - before and after the redesign

There’s been some discussion about the brand identity reading from the base to the top. An ex-hospitality friend says waiters usually pour from the right side, in which case the logo on the bottle would be upside-down. In the image below, it’s definitely a left hand pouring. Can anyone confirm or deny the right vs. left pour?

ICYMI: I love a secret element when it comes to branding, and this one’s a goodie. Look closely at the different label shapes below. Those shapes are based on styles of flattened map projections. Re-arrange the order (the last image) and you spell out Chandon. Clever.

Damn, now we’re feeling thirsty.

Beautiful work by London/New York agency Made Thought.

Secret Chandon wording from the map shapes

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