Why do many great logos look oh-so-simple?

Take this logomark for an aged care brand.

The outer shape encloses a 5-pointed star from the original brand identity. The inner shape represents the importance of the individual within the larger organisation.

This concept didn’t make the final cut, but the images are a good example of the craft that underpins a logomark (similar to an architect’s building plans).

Starting with the star, lozenge shapes were drawn around the points, then sliced and diced to create the final shape. Then a 5-pointed inner shape was created, and tiny dots were added to soften the sharp lines.

Next time you say ‘that’s so simple, I could have done that in 5 minutes’ … think about the time it took you to read this post, let alone how long the designer took to ensure the shapes, line work and dots were EXACTLY the right size, the lozenges were JUST the right width.

And don’t get us started about coming up with idea in the first place. That’s an entirely different (and much longer) post!

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