Brand refresh vs. Brand re-do

From time-to-time, it can be tempting to throw out your existing logo and invest in a new one. We call that a Rebrand.

Before you do, take a moment to reflect.

An alternative might be what the Fab Five call a ‘zhuzh’ (still virtually impossible to spell) or in designer speak, a Brand refresh.

Taking elements of your existing logo, a designer may suggest a twist to the typography; the introduction of an additional colour or two; a tweak to the relationship between the brand name and mark, or any number of design solutions.

A fresh design eye can pick out the elements that are worth saving, discarding the bits that no longer work, simply because they haven’t spent years looking at the same email signature, the same business card, the same pitch deck.

Benefits of this approach include a reduced timeframe, less cost (if you don’t change too much, you can use up all that old stationery), and no need for a big marketing campaign to launch a new brand. You might even remember what you liked about it in the first place.

If you’re still wondering what that looks like, here are some examples.

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