Coming soon to the chocolate aisle near you : a Cadbury rebrand

Cadbury logo - Before and After

Don’t panic – their signature purple colour isn’t going anywhere.

Things we love:

– a streamlined and refined logo, incorporating more of the quirks from founder John Cadbury’s handwriting
– details of ingredients in the packaging typography (the fruit and nut bars…mmm)
– the R and Y ligature in the Dairy Milk brand (neatly linking visually to the ‘Glass and a Half’ illustration)
– the use of patterns! The ribbon is particularly lovely – referencing the brand’s history of this device in their packaging.

This is a beautiful example of a large, well-known brand, both modernising its identity, whilst referencing its heritage and company history. 

Dairy Milk chocolate bar
Fruit and Nut lettering
Historic packaging
Cadbury pattern
Range of Cadbury chocolate bars

Kudos to global agency Bulletproof.

The new brand will be seen first in Australia this month, followed by South Africa and Malaysia, with other markets following in 2021.

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