Petbarn updates their brand

Petbarn new logo

If you’re one of the many people who have a feline, furry or fishy friend, you may already know that Petbarn updated their brand last year.

Perhaps you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Because the logo has stayed the same.

So, what’s changed?

Petbarn have ditched their previous quartet of cat, dog, fish and bird illustrations. And they’ve introduced quite possibly the cutest set of creatures this side of Baby Yoda.

Things we love:
– the yellow/black/white colour palette (the yellow cleverly retained from their existing brand)
– the playful nature of the animals, especially how they interact with the logo
– the more unusual creatures (the gecko is particularly cute)

The work shines in the thoughtful, clever details – staffroom signage, parking bays, an illuminated bus stop sign. We would order something, solely to come home to that box at the door.

Petbarn illuminated poster
Petbarn delivery box

What this branding does so well is to create an emotional connection – without saying so in words, you believe that Petbarn care about your pet, not only about selling product.

And it’s an excellent visual example of why a brand is much more than simply a logo.

A superb job by illustrator/animator Marco Palmieri and Sydney brand agency Landor.

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