Popular collaboration hub Slack recently completed a rebrand

Slack logo on a dark background

There’s a lot of talk about whether the new logo looks like a swastika, a wet windmill, or even 4 ducks.

Our response? None of the above.

We believe the rebrand achieves its primary goal – “…the important thing about being a brand is that whenever people see you in the wild, they should recognise that it’s you.” – Slack blog.

Slack branding - Before
Mismatched Slack logos before the rebrand
Slack branding - After
Updated logos after the rebrand

The old brand required multiple versions across many touch points, all with different iterations of the logo. There was no consistent brand.

A clever ‘easter egg’ appears in the bus shelter. Converting the logo into dots and dashes of morse code spells out Slack’s marketing message – ‘Where work happens’.

Lastly, our favourite comment is courtesy of Queensland designer Stephen John Bryde. He points out that when Slack refers to their logo as an ‘octothorpe’ it makes some of us imagine this mashup.

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