This one simple thing will set your brand apart from 99% of your competitors *

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Here’s how. 👇


1. Go to Google Fonts

–  Click on the Filters button and select Serif, Slab Serif or Sans Serif
–  You’ll probably want to de-select Display, Handwriting, Monospace and Not text
–  Scroll through the font results
–  Pick one you like (make sure it has a few weights eg. Bold, Regular, Italic)
–  Follow the instructions to download it 

Screenshot of Google Fonts

2. Install on your computer

Try it out on a few documents and presentations. Maybe even your website.

Looks good?

3. Then install it on your team’s computers

Use it on every single branded thing you produce.

đź’Ą Bingo.

You look original. Different. Not like everyone else. đź‘€

It’s that simple.

Bonus #bossmove

Pdf anything you send externally, otherwise it will change to the recipient’s default font.

* Totally made-up statistic

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