Are you sick of that Zoom background you’ve had since forever?

Whether you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, a Marvel nerd or just someone who likes floating Elmos, here’s a few television/movie-related backgrounds to brighten up your work calls.

Note: the links shown below take you to various websites. At the time of writing, the pages are live and include more images than are featured below.

If you need a quick fix to a Zoom emergency, we’ve got you – download the images on this page instantly (save to your hard drive, then double click to open the folder).

Super Mario

Especially good for Friday afternoons with neon, super-bright landscapes!

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. Convert your office chair into the Iron Throne.

Disney and Pixar

Choose scenes from Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Inside Out or just some floating clouds.

Star Wars

Dial in from a galaxy far, far away – Star Wars scenes including the Millennium Falcon, Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge, Rebel Base and ruins of the Death Star.

Sesame Street

This Zoom meeting is brought to you by the Letter Z.

Parks and Recreation

Channel your inner Leslie Knope with these Parks & Recs offices.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Schedule a call with an Avenger, Black Panther, Thor, Doctor Strange or Groot.

The Simpsons

Lastly, when you’re all worn out from a hard day’s work, take a seat in the Simpsons’ living room. Beer optional.

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