Vale, Milton Glaser

You almost certainly know his work. He’s the designer of the ‘I love NY’ logo. His 2001 essay ‘Ten Things I have Learned’ always struck a cord.

Why do many great logos look oh-so-simple?

Next time you say ‘that’s so simple, I could have done that in 5 minutes’ … think about the time it took you to read this post, let alone how long the designer took to ensure the shapes, line work and dots were EXACTLY the right size.

Brand refresh vs. Brand re-do

From time-to-time, it can be tempting to throw out your existing logo and invest in a rebrand. Before you do, take a moment to reflect.

12 Weeks of (2018) Good News

Is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’? If you’ve forgotten last year already, we’re back with some good news in 2018. 

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