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Why is a logo like a love affair?

Why is a logo like a love affair? In the beginning, it’s all sunshine and roses and possibilities, ie. the ‘research’ or ‘ideas’ phase of designing a logo.

The origin of the Ampersand

The ampersand’s curly, friendly nature makes it a favourite symbol of many a type enthusiast, whether amateur or professional. But where did it come from?

How To Brief Your Graphic Designer

You’ve got ideas in mind, but how do you share them with your designer? Will they be offended? How to brief your designer to explain what you want.

When to use an infographic?

Wondering when to use an infographic? Infographics were all the rage a few years ago, and they remain a highly effective marketing tool to this day. But is an infographic the right way to get your message across?

Petbarn updates their brand

Instagram Linkedin Petbarn updates their brand If you’re one of the many people who have a feline, furry or fishy friend, you may already know

Here’s why you need different logo file formats

What are the different logo file formats and why do I need them? JPEGs are the standard file format. PNGs offer better transparency. Less often, you will need the EPS, otherwise known as a vector file.

Vale, Milton Glaser

You almost certainly know his work. He’s the designer of the ‘I love NY’ logo. His 2001 essay ‘Ten Things I have Learned’ always struck a cord.

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