A lightbox shows the words ‘Work for free’

Working for free

Working for free is 100% bad. We all know it. But wait. There’s one reason I’m happy to throw this rule in the proverbial bin.

New eCommerce website for Julie Goodwin Couture

It’s not often we work on as beautiful a project as the new eCommerce website from Julie Goodwin Couture. Her new collection ‘White Label’ offers a Demi-couture range of classic white shirts.

Superman logo

Logo design by Comic Sans!

Take a look at these well-known logos, with one small change – their typefaces change to Comic Sans.

A Day in the Life of Brands

Are you someone who thinks brands don’t matter? That you’re not brand-loyal? Try this exercise tomorrow morning: Get up. Start your day. Take note of the brands you interact with.

Android Emoji

Google updates its Emoji

The press release states the re-design focused on ‘making them more universal, accessible and authentic’. The update was conveniently announced on World Emoji Day (WED) on July 17th.

New branding for the Design Exec Club

New work—branding for the Design Exec Club – a global network of designers, thinkers and executives who share a unified passion for a better future.

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